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Our Commitment to Advance Digital Equity

Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) participants
Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) classroom

Expanding Access to Vital Digital Skills

Originally from Venezuela, Mario and his wife came to the United States in search of a better life. In his home country, he was a successful dentist, but his credentials didn't transfer here. So, he began working as a delivery app driver to make ends meet. However, he quickly realized that he needed to develop his digital skills to be successful in this new line of work.

Participants of UnidosUS's Digital Kills for Life (DS4L) program.
Participants of UnidosUS's Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) program.

In his pursuit of becoming a delivery app driver, Mario also encountered a steep language barrier and needed culturally and linguistically competent support. Our Digital Skills for Life (DS4L) program at an UnidosUS Affiliate, Hispanic Unity of Florida in Hollywood, Florida, provided him with the tools and skills to improve his smartphone proficiency, enhance digital communication to reach clients and use GPS apps for efficient deliveries. 

The training received at the program not only helped Mario make a living but also bolstered his confidence to tackle new challenges and explore novel opportunities in both his personal and professional life. With the generous support of both Amazon and Google, this is just one instance of how the DS4L program is breaking down language barriers and enabling broader access to these critical digital skills.

In an increasingly digital landscape, access to essential digital literacy skills has become imperative for economic and social participation. Since 2022, the DS4L program, developed in collaboration with Google.org, is tailored specifically for Hispanic adults. It's all about being inclusive and empowering people. Developed by UnidosUS and executed by 29 local community-based Affiliate organizations nationwide, this 20-hour curriculum equips participants with foundational digital literacy skills, empowering them to navigate the digital world effectively.

Our vision for digital equity, from building digital literacy to shaping more equitable policy on artificial intelligence, has one simple goal: ensuring Latinos aren't left behind. By supporting UnidosUS, you help break down the digital divide and empower the Latino workforce with essential skills for success in the digital age.

Digital Skills for Life Goals:

  • Bridging the digital divide: Addressing inequalities in digital access and literacy to ensure everyone has equal opportunities to thrive in the digital era.
  • Educational opportunities: Enhancing access to online learning platforms, empowering individuals to pursue educational opportunities and lifelong learning.
  • Job readiness: Providing participants with essential digital skills crucial for success in today's job market.

Digital Skills for Life Impact at a Glance:

Over 2,264 individuals have enrolled in DS4L programs nationwide since 2022.

The program boasts a successful 78% retention rate, with 87% of participants expressing satisfaction and a willingness to recommend the training to their peers.

70% of participants report a self-perceived increase in their knowledge of digital skills following the program.

Remarkably, 82% of program graduates actively apply the acquired skills in their day-to-day life and work.

We recognize the essential role of digital literacy in navigating daily life and achieving success in today’s workforce. However, significant efforts are needed to address the current disparities faced by Hispanics in this realm. We advocate that achieving digital equity is a core civil rights issue for Latino and immigrant communities.

According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanic adults lag behind their white counterparts in computer and broadband internet access at home, with only 57% owning a desktop computer or laptop compared to 82% of white adults. Notably, a quarter of Latino adults rely solely on smartphones for their digital needs. Your support, and the generous support of Amazon, Comcast NBCUniversal, and Google.org, make it possible for our programs to support Hispanic individuals in their journey to thrive and seize opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

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An instructor stands by a table with eager Digital Skills for Life participants waiting for questions.

Cultivating Diversity in the Tech Sector

Ana, her husband, and their son moved to the U.S. from Colombia in 2019, brimming with hopes and dreams. However, Ana faced challenges finding a job due to the limitations of her work visa.

She worked as a contractor for a startup but earned only a modest stipend. Then, one day, a friend introduced her to the UnidosUS Latinx in Tech Program, which proved to be a game-changer for her career prospects in the tech sector.

She enrolled in the program at UnidosUS Affiliate Latin American Association in Atlanta, Georgia. The program offers various Google Career Certificate in areas such as UX Design, IT Support, Project Management and Data Analytics, and has also been offered at UnidosUS Affiliates in Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Brooklyn, NY, and Puerto Rico.

Ana earned her Google Data Analytics certificate and promptly secured a job offer, resulting in a higher salary. She now works as a Program Data Analyst and attests that the UnidosUS Latinx in Tech training program has profoundly changed her life.

Since its inception in 2022, the Latinx in Tech partnership has provided essential training and certifications to empower individuals and contribute to the diversification of the tech talent pool.

The underrepresentation of Hispanics in the tech industry underscores the significance of initiatives like Latinx in Tech—a dynamic partnership between UnidosUS, Google.org and our participating Affiliate organizations. Since its inception in 2022, this program has provided essential training and certifications to empower individuals and contribute to the diversification of the tech talent pool.

By supporting Latinx in Tech, you actively contribute to bridging the diversity gap in the tech industry, creating opportunities for Hispanic individuals to thrive and excel in key roles within the STEM workforce, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

Latinx in Tech Impact at a Glance:

Courses offered in UX Design, IT Support, Project Management, and Data Analytics.

Offered at UnidosUS Affiliates in Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn, NY, and Puerto Rico.

247 learners enrolled.

113 learners earned a Google Career Certificate.

53 learners were placed in new or improved jobs leveraging their new skills.

A 2021 Pew Research Center report highlights the persistent underrepresentation of Hispanic workers in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce. Hispanic adults are less likely to attain STEM degrees compared to other fields of study, constituting only 8% of the STEM workforce despite comprising 17% of total employment across all occupations. In the face of these statistics, Latinx in Tech emerges as a beacon of change, actively working to empower and uplift Hispanic individuals in the tech industry.

Learn more about our incredible network of nearly 300 Affiliate organizations across the country.

UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía provides testimony on Capitol Hill
UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía provides testimony on Capitol Hill.

Our Plan for Digital Equity

UnidosUS is committed to promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability in technology to combat discrimination against Latinos and communities of color.

We advocate for implementing legal frameworks to ban discriminatory artificial intelligence (AI) practices, bolster privacy safeguards, and improve transparency and oversight. Our initiatives include safeguarding election integrity, enforcing regular audits of AI systems, advocating for children's rights, investing in ethical AI research, and bridging the digital divide through sustained investments in digital access and skills programs. Through collaboration with policymakers, UnidosUS strives to foster an inclusive future that benefits all communities.

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