Latino youth representing the 1 million who turn 18 each year and become eligible to vote.

The Decisive Power ofLatinoVoters

Our community’s growing political power was reflected in races nationwide and led to a new Congress that now has 45 Latinos—a record number. Hispanic voters affirmed their critical role in shaping the country’s political landscape and showed they can play a stabilizing force in our country’s politics because they generally reject the extremes so common in these polarized times.

Partnership with Mi Familia Vota

In the leadup to the elections we announced a multiyear partnership with Mi Familia Vota, a national grassroots civic engagement organization. Using our expertise educating on issues and amplifying the concerns of Latino voters and Mi Familia Vota’s deep on-the-ground presence, we outlined several goals.

Unidos US + Mi Familia Vota partnership goals:

  • Expand Latino political influence by engaging and energizing voters, with a focus on preventing drop off in this year’s midterm election
  • Communicate with voters on policies that impact their lives
  • Advance an accurate narrative about Latino voters and bring attention to their priorities, by
  • Producing and disseminating research in a clear and concise way to further the message of how important it is to engage Latino voters

As a result of our work together:

  • k+new voters registered
  • voters were contacted through live calls, mail, and door-knocking
  • people were reached through social media with registration, know-your-rights, and voter and issue information
An UnidosUS Canvasser in Orlando, FL, registering someone to vote.
UnidosUS Canvassers in Florida celebrate record voter registration numbers outside the Miami-Dade County Elections Department building.

Extensive Research Shows the Decisive Power of Latino Voters

We released extensive public opinion research on Hispanic voter perspectives and priorities, including national and state-specific polls heading into the midterms, and an election eve poll documenting how and why Latinos voted.

Our polling showed significant shifts in the top issues for Latino voters including:

  • Inflation and jobs were the #1 and #3 priorities, which tracks with long-standing Latino concerns about the economy
  • Crime/gun violence rose to #2, driven by concerns about easy gun access and school shootings

This work provided a more accurate picture of the second largest group of voting age Americans and told the story of the decisive power held by Latino voters.

And our polling influenced the media conversation by dispelling long-standing myths and stereotypes about the Hispanic vote. Here are some examples:

C-SpanUnidos US talks about Latino voters and the issues that are important to them going into the midterm electionsYahoo! NewsThere's no one 'Latino vote'—religion and geography add to voters' diversityL.A. TimesEl qué y porque desde Washington: Los latinos de Estados Unidos seguimos cambiando

With more Latino representation in state and federal offices, we hope to see greater action to address the issues that are important to our country. As we look ahead to future elections, it is clear that both major parties still need to do more to meaningfully engage Latinos and show they can bring about solutions. We will continue our work to make sure they do so.

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Diverse group of future voters
UnidosUS Canasser in Miami, FL, registering somone to vote.

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Joaquín Castro, patrons viewing exhibits at the National Museum of the American Latino, and UnidosUS President Emeritus Raul Yzaguirre engaging with an attendee at a reception celebrating his 2022 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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