2021 Impact report

Moving Us Forward

Whether on the Hill or in communities across the country, we championed Latinos and ensured that all Americans had access to COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic recovery.

A message from the president and board chair

In 2021, as our country moved into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community—a majority of whom work in essential jobs—was still suffering its devastating health and economic impacts. UnidosUS’s focus continued to be on what the Latino community needed and how we could best serve them.

As a result, our response, the Esperanza Hope for All campaign has provided program support to our Affiliates, advocacy, and critical bilingual information to ensure our community can recover.

But the new year also brought a new optimism, first with the start of a new presidential administration and then the development of the COVID-19 vaccines that we worked tirelessly to ensure that Hispanics could access. After years of fighting against cruel, bigoted, and ineffective policies, we were now able to fight for legislation that support and benefit Latinos. Our community made progress in 2021—notably with the landmark American Rescue Plan Act, but we still have work to do. As such, we will continue to work with the administration and Congress, and also hold them accountable for moving our community and our country forward.

After years of fighting against cruel, bigoted, and ineffective policies, we were now able to fight for legislation that supports and benefits Latinos.

We are so proud that our community has persisted through hardship and persevered, but our work is about more than just recovery. We will continue to do everything we can so that all can thrive. This report shows what we achieved together in 2021 thanks to your partnership and support. We hope that you are as proud as we are of all that we have accomplished. Without your dedication, optimism, and commitment to our community, this work could not have happened.

Thank you, and adelante,

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President and CEO

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Board Chair

2021 moments
of impact

Impact Area

Community investment

$14.6M invested in our Affiliates and the Latino community.

Getting funding to our communities allows latinos to thrive and benefits all americans.

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Health Recovery

Hope for All

Through our Esperanza Hope for All campaign, we brought critical information and resources about the COVID-19 vaccines directly into Latino communities.

Key Impacts:

  • 76% of Latinos became vaccinated
  • 24 million people engaged with messages about the COVID-19 vaccines
  • 114,000 vaccines administered through our Affiliates

Economic Recovery

A Brighter Future

During President Biden’s first year, we fought to ensure that the contributions and challenges faced by the Latino community were at the center of any new initiative.

Key Impacts:

  • 1.4 million Hispanic kids were lifted out of poverty through the expanded Child Tax Credit
  • 15% of appointees in the Biden administration are Latino or Latina
  • $50 billion total in small business aid

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